Monday, July 30, 2012

cracked bulgur wheat

I've recently discovered bulgur and it is delicious.  You can get bulgur in a variety of sizes, smaller ones are typically for use in deserts while larger bulgur is more similar to couscous in size  Christina gave me a rice cooker for my birthday so I now try to cook most things in there.  It really makes life easier.

1 c bulgur
2 c chicken broth or water
pat of butter
salt and pepper

You could saute some garlic and onions to throw in but I'm lazy.

1. Place all ingredients into rice cooker and switch to on side.
2. Check your bulgur after about 10 minutes. My bulgur was done before the rice cooker switched to warm.
3. When it was about done, I unplugged my rice cooker and just left the lid on for about 10-15 minutes, but that was just because I wasn't ready to eat yet and it was delicious.  I'm not sure if it made any difference or not.

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